Above are some examples of my work, if there is any particuar style that you would like to replicate, please contact me anytime.

Your wedding is set to be one of the biggest highlights of your life.  As the bride, you are going to be the centre of everyone’s attention and you will want to shine. 

You are going to be the leading lady and you should stand out from the crowd.  Choose a makeup style that will flatter and make you radiate.

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Assemble a group of friends together to have some fun and learn some skills of makeup too.

What better way to spend quality time with your girlfriends than by having your makeup professionally applied and as a special offer to the organiser of the evening, a FREE full size “OCC Lip Tar” is yours.

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Airbrush makeup is exactly that.  Makeup that has been applied using an airbrush rather than sponges, brush or fingers. 

By pushing the product through the airbrush under pressure (by way of compressor), it is sprayed onto the skin and leaves a lasting, flawless finish. 

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